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It’s our mission to improve the health of pregnant people and families living in Northwestern Ontario.

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Find help near you

We can help you find health-related services for pregnant people and families available across Northwestern Ontario.

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Pregnant People & Families

You can find more information about maternity care providers and children’s health resources throughout Northwestern Ontario.

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Health Care Practitioners

You can find more information about perinatal care health and social service providers in rural and remote communities.

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You can find more information about researchers and programs promoting perinatal health throughout Northwestern Ontario.

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Research Programs

Our research projects and programs aim to improve existing maternal and addiction services for pregnant people and families and retain and re-instate traditional birthing knowledge and cultural approaches to pregnancy and birth in First Nation communities in Northwestern Ontario.

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Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Uterine Fibroid Treatments in Rural and Remote Places from the Perspective of Women Receiving Treatment

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Cost-Analysis of Patient Health Expenditures for Standard Obstetric Care vs. Telemedicine for Obstetric Care in Rural and Remote Places in Northwestern Ontario

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Environmental Scan of Services, Resources, and Infrastructure for Substance Use Care in Pregnancy and Postpartum Women in Northwestern Ontario


Our library contains a full list of our research publications, resources used to support our research programs, and resources found throughout the ‘Hearing Our Voices Curriculum Training’ to help you in your journey of cultural sensitivity and self-reflection.

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Academic Partners

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