(September 2019 – Present)

This study aims to evaluate the MiSW Program to understand the impact of the program for the women taking the program, for the women and families they work with, for the communities, and for other health and social service providers. The program facilitator will be meeting regularly with the MiSWs to review client encounters and self-reflect on their experiences as MiSWs in their community. Further, the program facilitator will interview the MiSWs, the women and families they work with, and their colleagues to assess their experience with the program and working with the MiSW. The program facilitator will also be interviewed for their insight on the program and the work and learning experience of the MiSWs.

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Future Steps:

We are currently looking for more funding opportunities to improve the program and further support First Nations interested in the program.

Research Team/Partners:


The Canadian Institutes of Health Research Embedded Clinician Research Salary Award (2017 – ongoing)